Evaluation Plan

The third-party evaluation of the SAVE Science project is a collaborative and iterative activity that proceeds in parallel with the project itself. The outside evaluation component functions as both an ongoing formative and summative assessment for the project. Dr. Anthony Lutkus serves as the principal in the evaluation activities and may seek to allocate some critiques of the technical aspects of the project to other consultant reviewers. Dr. Lutkus previously served as an outside reviewer on another four-year, NSF funded grant to the Temple University School of Education that revised the mathematics and science courses for pre-service teachers.

The outside reviews will address each of the major tasks of the project in each of its five years. Evaluators conduct site visits to selected professional development sessions (with the permission of the schools) and provide feedback to the principal investors on perceived effectiveness. Schools are also visited on a regular basis to observe the implementation of the virtual environment assessment system as it develops. Interviews and teacher questionnaires are used to provide feedback for improvement. In addition, the databases, analysis procedures and preliminary results are reviewed to determine their appropriateness for answering the multiple research questions addressed by the project. The summative evaluation in the final year will assess the degree to which the program attained its stated goals and answered its research questions. However, interim, annual written reports will be provided to the principal investigators on the extent to which they appear to be meeting their project goals.