What Is SAVE Science?

Think back to a moment in time when you were taking a standardized test, and answer these questions:

  • Is the test engaging?
  • Is the test motivating and challenging you by its very design?
  • Is the test making you think and apply knowledge in original ways to solve problems?

Welcome to SAVE Science
We’re changing the test, and changing the game.
We’re changing the test into a game!

We welcome you to explore this website to discover how the National Science Foundation is funding the future of science assessment.

Through the SAVE Science grant, in cooperation with Temple University and Arizona State University, teachers throughout greater Philadelphia are piloting a promising alternative to the outdated and inequitable multiple-choice standardized test. Seventh and eighth grade students are demonstrating their mastery of scientific concepts by maneuvering avatars through inquiry-based challenges in captivating virtual environments.

This is a breakthrough in the re-design of modern education. 

Consider the challenges. Consider the potential. Consider joining us as we change the game!