Technology Support

Implementation Support

As an effort to accommodate teachers’ idiosyncratic backgrounds and needs, we set up a technology support hotline for the teachers and their respective IT staffs during the administration of surveys and the implementation of modules. We knew that the teachers had varying degrees of experience and levels of comfort with using technology in the classroom, based on survey items to which they provided responses and through personal conversations with them in a group setting and in private discussions during the informational session, professional development and during implementation. While technology support was available to the teachers on an “as needed” basis throughout their involvement with the project, our technology support team was always made available to them one-hour before and one-hour after they administered any survey or implemented any module in case they had last minute questions, problems and/or concerns. The teachers who were involved with this research were encouraged to submit their questions to the SAVE Science team to be addressed. For the teachers who asked what they need to do to begin, we sent the following information:

Helpful Hints to Start 

  1. It is helpful to review the installation document before installing the modules.
  2. It is helpful to review the SAVE Science professional development materials before implementing the modules. 
  3. Usually if a student is having trouble with a survey or a module, it is helpful to exit the survey or module and begin again. Please note that the student will have to start again from the beginning, as information from the “clipboard” will not have been saved.