Student FAQ

What happens if a student inadvertently exits out of the module or the survey?

The student will need to begin the module or the survey again from the start.

Do I need to download or install the surveys the same way the modules had to be installed?

No, there is no need to install anything for the surveys. Simply click on the link sent to you for each survey, and begin.

What should I do if I see “BAD REQUEST” after completing a survey question?

This is not a message that, the website used to develop the surveys, gives to respondents. It may be a message from the network server or the respondent’s computer.

Are student-created passwords a problem?

Yes, students need to use the passwords that the SAVE Science team created for them. They should be uniform for every class. 

Should students have a password for the surveys?

No, students do not need a password for the surveys. They only need an annual report one for the modules.

What should I tell a student to do if his or her avatar gets stuck past the wall in Scientopolis?

The student may need to exit Scientopolis and begin again.

What should I do if an avatar is moving slowly?

To get the avatar to speed up, press “t.”

What should I do if the screen of the Mac computer has been maximized and I would like to reduce it again?

To reduce the screen, press “Command F.”

What should I do if a student’s avatar gets stuck by the pole near Farmer Brown in the “Snake Trouble” introductory module?

The student may need to exit Scientopolis and begin again.