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Situated Assessments Using Virtual Environments (SAVE)  Science is a collaborative research project between researchers at  University of Maryland, College Park, Temple University and Arizona State University focused on creating an innovative model for assessment of learning in STEM. In SAVE Science, we are implementing game-based assessment modules for evaluating science content and inquiry in grades 7-8. Using a database of student interactions in a virtual environment, evolving patterns of scientific understanding among students are captured and analyzed. SAVE Science assessment modules are currently implemented in middle school science classrooms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Game-Based Assessment

The SAVE Science project is pioneering new ways to assess student achievement through game-based modules that evaluate mastery of content and inquiry skills. The “Basketball” module tests students’ understanding of gas laws and the properties of matter.

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We urge you to continue to implement SAVE Science as you see it relevant to your curriculum and practice. The modules are available free of charge! Visit the SAVE Science Blog for the link to download the modules, implementation instructions and teacher resources.

August 20th, 2015 | Posted by SAVE Science

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